Wedding Trends of 2018!

Here’s a brisk summary of a few wedding patterns that will highlight even the most conventional Indian wedding functions.

Brides pulled out all the stops on Blues, Navy, Royal Blue and Hues. With the changing shading palettes for brides, we saw shades of blue becoming showbiz royalty at the 2018 wedding style.

From powder blue lehengas to satiny indigo outfits to pestle blue shararas, this colour was extremely popular among the ladies and the grooms didn’t timid far from coordinating their outfits with their brides.

wedding trends of 2018!

Dance floors and DJ’s at Indian weddings were amped up in 2018 with appealing marble or hardwood move floors, particularly the ones that matched the whole décor theme.

Deciding on your perfect Indian wedding menu

Indian weddings are renowned for being extravagant and glamourous…and no guest will ever leave hungry. Your wedding day should represent everything about your love for one another, which is why we ensure everything from table decor to your reception menu is perfectly matched to exceed expectations.

As expert wedding planners at Itihaas, we know how important the perfect menu at an Asian wedding is. Which is why we only provide the finest Indian cuisine prepared by our award-winning chefs. From appetisers to a complete menu, we even plan out a special drinks menu for your special day, as an opportunity for a celebratory cocktail should never be missed.









Whether you’re planning a mild or spicy set menu, let us cater to your guests. We pull out all the stops for your appetisers to receive excellent first impressions, whether you opt for tangy fish, flavoured with spices in a crisp batter or marinated chicken, salad, garlic mayonnaise and hot chilli in flatbread, we will give your guests an exceptional taste for what is to come.

A welcome drink should never be forgotten, it is a way of welcoming your guests in and thanking them for celebrating your special day. By the time the reception comes around, there will be only one thing your guests are waiting for, food…and of course the first dance.

Be as extravagant as you desire with our caterers, so whether you are after 3 courses or 10, Itihaas is here to add the perfect balance of flavours and spice to your big day.

We can keep dishes flowing throughout the night, with delicious options like our chicken jungle curry cooked on the bone, our tantalising tempura chicken and paneer in bamboo boats, or a more seafood-focused menu with dishes like our lobster paanch phoran and goan prawn curry. We certainly never forget a sweet tooth, which is why we can find you a cake beyond your wildest dreams, after all, it’s all about that wow factor for your very important guests. Not to mention the selection of delicious desserts, from mango colada to gajar halwa cheesecake, let us know what sweet treats you desire and we can cater to you.

If you’re looking for excellent Asian wedding caterers to put together your perfect menu, then get in touch with us here at Itihaas today. We make dreams come true and strive to exceed expectations.

National Curry Week at Itihaas

Now, if there is one thing we are good at, it is making an exceptional curry. So, as a fine dining Indian restaurant, there is no way we will be missing out on National Curry Week.

From 22nd – 28th October, join us at Itihaas to indulge in our wide selection of flavour-filled curries. If there is one way to celebrate National Curry Week, it is at Itihaas Indian Restaurant. Whether you’re looking for tender spring lamb in our delicious rogan josh or opt for something a little different with our seafood prawn and scallop mustard seed curry, we can deliver whatever your taste buds desire.

national curry week at itihaas

At Itihaas, we are proud to have won the ‘best restaurant in the UK Cobra Good Curry Guide’ meaning we know exactly how to mix our flavours and spices together to bring our customers the very best curry dishes. Sit down in our stunning restaurant where contemporary meets traditional, experience a journey through North India, Kenya and Mumbai along the way.

Experience the true taste of an Indian curry at Itihaas, not just for National Curry Week, but every week! Book your table today.

Which side dish should you use for your curry?

You probably won’t be shocked to hear that at Itihaas Indian restaurant, we are huge fans of a flavour-filled curry. The tricky decision when it comes to indulging in our exquisite cuisine is…which side should I choose?

Well, we are here to save the day. At Itihaas, we have put together the accompaniments we think match perfectly with our delicious curry.



Whether you choose our chilli olive naan, garlic, buttered, truffle oil and poppy seed or opt for a bit of spicy naan, it is the perfect accompaniment for all of you curry lovers.

The soft, oven baked Indian flatbread works so well as a side, as it compliments the powerful spices of your freshly served Itihaas dish. Best of all, if you cannot decide, simply opt for our Roti Ki Tokri and be indulged.



We don’t hold back when it comes to rice, with a wide selection to suit all preferences and match all of our curry dishes.

From Sahdey Chawal to Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pilau, or treat yourself to our selection of flavour filled Biryani dishes for a unique blend of basmati rice to pair perfectly with your curry.



A well known favourite side dish to match with curry. A filling side dish made up from lentils is sure to compliment the many different curry dishes we have to offer.

These are our top 3 side dish choices, but we have many more to offer, book your table today to discover how Itihaas can spice up your night.

Join us at Itihaas and allow us to take you through an age of flavours. We have a range of exquisite curries and many different delicious side dishes to satisfy your tastebuds and provide you with an evening of fine dining.

Top Tourist Spots in India

As we are a Indian restaurant, it is safe to say we know a thing about India itself, and a lot about the culinary experiences. With our delicious cuisine inspired by the country, we have put together our top 3 places to visit if you’re planning a trip anytime soon!

Discover the treasures not only Indian cuisine has to offer but the place itself:

  1. Agra

Home to the world famous Taj Mahal, means that Agra is one of the most visited cities in India. The city boasts iconic architectural structures and a vast amount of stunning history to discover.

If you’re travelling with a loved one, then it is a must to visit the monument of love in this city.

  1. Delhi

North India is represented through the spices and flavours of Itihaas, one of the must-visit places we love is Delhi. Filled with tourist spots like The Red Fort, India Gate, Lal Qila and many more, we can guarantee you will never be bored in Delhi.

  1. Goa

If you are looking for more of a golden sands and blue sea holiday then Goa is a must. This is the perfect place to relax while peacefully watching the waves of the Arabian sea.

If you’re not planning on a trip to India anytime soon though, why not let us bring the taste of India to you, At Itihaas we create authentic Indian cuisine, inspired to take you on a culinary journey through the North of India with a couple of stops through Kenya and vibrant Mumbai.

Experience the same outstanding cuisine…just right on your doorstep. Book your table today!

Another Stunning Venue

At Itihaas, we are extremely pleased that we are partnering up with the luxurious venue, Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel and Country Club.

This stunning wedding venue showcases the elegant countryside surroundings while offering 18 different event rooms to choose from when deciding where to spend your special day.

Our new partnership is staying in the Midlands with the Forest of Arden Hotel located in Itihaas’ hometown of Birmingham. A fantastic location for travelling family members and friends too, as it is just a short stop away from Birmingham Airport and the NEC.

A wedding shouldn’t have to be stressful which is why opting for this venue will bring peace and tranquility to your big day in the luxurious setting.

another stunning venueanother stunning venue






At Itihaas we pride ourselves in being wedding professionals who will help plan your perfect day to every last detail, and by providing our extraordinary Indian catering at this outstanding venue.

If you are getting married, get in touch with Itihaas weddings and let us open your mind to the unbelievable Asian weddings we can create.

Summer Desserts at Itihaas

From chocolate to cheesecake to traditional Gulab Jamun, we love to finish our delicious A’la Carte menu off the right way…with dessert. This summer at Itihaas, we have pulled out all the stops to satisfy your sweet tooth with our exciting new menu.

We have chosen the top puddings you have to try this summer – not forgetting our signature cocktails to compliment.


On a bright summer afternoon, indulge in our exclusive Mango Colada Slice. A mouth-watering base of coconut and pistachio, complimented by creamy pineapple mouse finished with coconut flakes and garnished with an unbelievably tasty mixed berry compote mango and pineapple glaze. You may not be on a beach with a Pina Colada in hand, but this dessert is filled with plenty exotic flavours.

Recommended cocktail: Mango Margarita


Sweet or spiced, this summer? We have had a super sweet option, now we have the dessert to keep all of the spice lovers happy. You won’t be able to stop after just one slice of our unreal Gajar Halwa Cheesecake. A soft carrot cake base with walnuts, topped with spiced cheesecake and home made Gajrela.

Recommended cocktail: Spiced Passionate Mule

If you are a lover of dessert and can’t resist a slice of cheesecake, then Itihaas Restaurant is where you need to be this summer, indulge in our sweet treats and book your table today!

Fact VS Myth

At Itihaas, we have been hearing of a few curry myths lately…so we thought we would clear these up with a facts VS myth blog…have a read, you may even learn something new.


  1. “There are over 9,000 restaurants in the UK serving curries”

Itihaas’ fine dining restaurant being one…delivering you extraordinary flavours and spices.

  1. ‘Itihaas has won numerous accolades for its food, service and decor. Itihaas is the recipient of, The 2007 Cobra Good Curry Awards for the Best UK Restaurant and The British Curry Awards 2012 for Best Restaurant in the Midlands.’

A fact we’re proud of!  Why not head over to our Indian restaurant and discover our award-winning dishes for yourself?

  1. ‘The UK’s favourite curry is a Korma’

A study from JustEat confirms that Korma is right up at the top of the list for Britain’s favourite curry.


Myths –

  1. “Indian food is all hot and spicy”

We can confirm this is simply just a myth and you can discover deliciously mild Indian dishes at Itihaas.

  1.  ‘Indian food isn’t vegan friendly’

Indian cooking caters for everybody, whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or even a vegan there are many different spices, sauces and vegetable dishes that cater to everybody’s needs.

  1. ‘Having a spicy curry will bring on labour

By all means you are welcome to visit Itihaas restaurant and try this…however we do have to inform you this is simply a myth. There is not enough strong scientific evidence for us to to confirm whether or not a Vindaloo will get the labour process going.

Now we have confirmed the truth of the curry myths, it is time to head down to Itihaas Indian Restaurant and indulge in our exquisite dishes and fine dining experience.

How hot do you have your Curry?

Are you a spicy or extra mild lover? However you like your curry, here at Itihaas we can adjust the spice to your needs and keep those tastebuds happy!

However, if you’re a home cook and want to dive into the work of Indian curries, then here at Itihaas restaurant, our head chefs have come up with a few tips on how you can spice up your curry or cool it down.

All things spice –

Heat up any curry by adding in those chillies, whether you like them whole or sliced, they will definitely add a kick to your curry!

The best things come in small packages…especially if you like spice. Opt for the smaller red chillies as these tend to have the hotter bite compared to green chillies.

Daredevil? If you’re feeling adventurous in your culinary skills then mix in the white pith and chilli seeds…these are the hottest parts. Add if you’re brave enough!

Make it mild –

Our go-to curry cooler is yoghurt. Delicious natural yoghurt is perfect to mix in or have as a side dish to your curry, it will keep you cool and soothe a fiery mouth.

Opt for a touch of Raita, a condiment from India that will take the heat down and give your dish the added flavour you are looking for.

If you enjoy the heat just not the afterburn, then try swapping your water for milk. Ditch the beer because it has a habit of emphasising the burning sensations.

Whatever your preferences, here at Itihaas Indian Restaurant, we have enough spices and flavours to have your curry tasting exactly how you like it. Contact us via our website or call 0121 212 3383 to book a table today & enjoy a fine dining Asian experience.

Serving Iftar across Birmingham

As we are reaching the end of Ramadan, it has been a fantastic few weeks celebrating with all of our lovely customers during Itihaas’ Iftar feasts. As the sun sets across Brum around 9:30PM each night, Itihaas has pulled out all of the stops in our fine dining Asian restaurant to fill the people of Birmingham up with exquisite Cuisine.

Breaking the evening fast with dates at the ready and keeping refreshing glasses of rose water flowing throughout the night, we have indulged in a vast amount of delicious dishes from our Lobster Paanch Phoren to Chicken Jungle Curry cooked on the bone, our A’la Carte Menu has been providing the flavour and spice for when the sun goes down across the city.

Iftar is often a time celebrated with families, friends and communities. It is a social gathering you don’t want to miss out on, which is why Itihaas is the perfect setting to come together during these last few days of Ramadan. End your month of fasting in our award winning restaurant and be delighted with cuisine created from our five star chefs. If there is one way to celebrate Iftar, it is the Itihaas way.

Come together in our cultural city of Birmingham, while the sun sets over the canals, sit down in our stunning restaurant for an atmospheric evening with your nearest and dearest…make the most the last few days of Ramadan before we begin the huge celebrations of Eid.

Book your table today:

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