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The Itihaas Christmas Menu 2023 is Here!

Christmas in Birmingham is a beautiful time; the Christmas market spreads across the city centre, the Bullring sparkles, and there’s a Ferris wheel in Centenary Square. After all the excitement, settle down for a celebratory Indian Christmas Dinner at Itihaas. We’ve published our Christmas menu so you can see what’s on offer. Our warm and […]

What is Thali? Itihaas’ Thali Offer

We design our menus to serve the best of extravagant, authentic Indian dining and contemporary culinary expertise. By popular demand, we’ve restored our Thali Menu, so guests can enjoy our recipes the traditional thali way. Rather than choosing a single dish on the menu, thali gives you a variety of dishes to enjoy together. Every […]

Curry Fusion: When Authenticity Meets Contemporary Cooking

Fusion cooking is a term coined to describe the blending of traditional cooking styles. In curry terms, this can mean a lot, because curries are found all over the world, from Jamaican Goat Curry to Thai Green curry. At Itihaas, we celebrate the diversity of the subcontinent, choosing North Indian, Punjabi and Goan dishes. We […]

10 Must-Visit Landmarks in Birmingham City Centre

Whether you’re a Brummie through and through looking for something new to do near home, or you’re planning your first-ever visit to the UK’s second city, this list will help you plan a day to remember. Birmingham is a city of culture, with fantastic food and excellent shopping. The entire city centre is walkable, with […]

The Ultimate Curry Guide To Homemade Anniversary Meals

We understand. Your anniversary is a time to spend quality time with a person you love. You want your meal to be absolutely perfect, so you can reminisce, relax together and enjoy a conversation without having to worry about a thing. Sometimes cooking at home is easier. Homemade Curry: The Best of Anniversary Meal Ideas […]

Best Indian dishes to try at your next networking event

Break the ice by sharing exciting, authentic flavours and chat over chaat with your professional peers. Delicious Indian cuisine goes over fantastically at corporate dining events, with many choosing to host their professional networking at Itihaas. What is networking? Professional networking is when people socialise with a specific professional purpose in mind. You might get […]

Vegan Meat Alternatives For Your Next Homemade Curry

3 Delicious Vegan Meat Alternatives To Try In Your Next Homemade Curry There are many reasons why you might be looking for alternatives to meat to use in your curries. It may be for health reasons, looking for more variety in your cooking, or because you are considering giving up meat and animal products for […]

What is the Best Curry in Birmingham? Birmingham Curry Guide

Deciding on the best Indian curry is not as simple as it seems. How do we decide? For some, the best curries are the hottest, while for others it’s the most easily shared, the most authentic, the freshest ingredients or the richest flavours. Around the world, Curry is not just one thing, though, and not […]

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