Iftar Menu

Join us for the grand celebration of Iftar! 

Here at Itihaas, we understand that many of our customers will soon be fasting as part of Ramadan, which is why we would like you to come join us for an Iftar celebration, available every evening for the month of Ramadan. We know this time is often celebrated as a social gathering, and Itihaas is the perfect setting for families, friends and communities to come together.

There will be complementary dates to break your daily fast. 

Menu available 26th May-24th June

9:30pm (sundown) to 11:30pm


Minimum 4 guests per booking



Dates and Jug of Rose water milk shake



Lamb Samosa

Alloo Tikki chaat

Tandoori Chicken Wings


Main Course:

Railway Lamb Curry

Dhanyia Tari Murgh

Makhani Dhal

Jeera Pilau

Lasuni Naan

Herb and Olive Salad



Saffron Kheer


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