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Lunching in Birmingham at Itihaas

Lunch is possibly our favourite time of the day.​ ​If​ ​you​ ​find​ ​yourself​ ​stuck​ ​in Birmingham​ ​midday​ ​&​ ​hungry​ ​then​ ​a​ ​guaranteed​ ​good​ ​lunch​ ​at​ ​Itihaas​ ​will​ ​fill​ ​you​ ​up​ ​and​ ​lift​ ​your spirits.​ ​Even​ ​after​ ​breakfast​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to​

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Autumn – Seasonal dishes!

It may be coming to the time of year for gloomy weather and dark nights, however with Itihaas authentic Indian dishes, we offer delicious Autumn recipes that will soon warm you up, with their fiery yet tasty flavours. Make your

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Make your Christmas magical with Itihaas

You may not believe it, but with less than four months till Christmas – the preparation is on. Here at Itihaas we have been very busy creating a deluxe menu for all of your family and friends to enjoy during

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The best places to visit when in Birmingham!

If you’re planning on taking a trip soon, why not head over to the fantastic city of Birmingham! In the heart of England, it’s easily accessible and is full of attractions and things to do – you’ll never get bored!

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